Project Portraits: Ana

I asked her: "What do you love about the Philippines?"

She wrote: "The People"

Get FILED!: Innovation, Convenience, and Creativity

It was over a month ago when I did a photoshoot for Filed's back-to-school campaign which I will be sharing with you guys soon. But first, here's a look at some of their new products that they recently launched.

With these products, I can see clearly how well they improved the previous version of their products. And again, with touches of innovation, convenience, and creativity, they were able to produce new lines which I’m pretty sure that people now are buying (since these new items are now being sold online and local stores). 

In this photo set, you’ll see the Catcher Folder (2nd Row), Pen Roller (3rd Row), and Keeper Folders 2.0 (4th and 5th Row)! It really amazes me that every single product has more than 1 use which is what all of us want. 

Again, thank you Filed for these items that you gave me! The best of luck to your new product/s which you’ll be releasing this year! :)

Visit Filed’s Facebook Page to view more of their products.

Hat Society: Hats Overload Part 2

I posted last night some of my favorites out of the 60+ hats that I shot for Hat Society PH. Here are more shots of the hats that I liked.

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Hat Society: Hats Overload

I was contacted by Hat Society PH to do a product shoot of the products that they sell. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to a product shoot again! So when the shoot began, I was kinda overwhelmed with all the hats that I’ll be shooting which was 60+, I think. But I enjoyed it shooting these babies.

This set consists of some of my favorite designs of the hats from the shoot. I will post the part 2 next time!

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Antonette: A Pre-Debut Photoshoot

Some of the photos that I did for my cousin’s pre-debut photoshoot! T’was a really fun day shooting at some of the familiar places in Quezon City. And it was a bit awkward for her to pose in front of her kuya but we got the flow after the initial shots.

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