Punch Drunk Panda’s Launch of their Camera Straps

You have already seen my post yesterday regarding Punch Drunk Panda's (PDP) latest product, Camera Straps. These camera straps were designed by amazing graphic artists namely Rob Cham, Joseph Velasquez, Pat Manlapas, and Gail Go. These camera straps are very efficient and more affordable that the other straps is sold in the market.

Last week, I received an invitation e-mail from Jonver regarding this event organized by PDP and I accepted it because I know that it’s a pretty good brand and known for creating cool stuff. And only last Sunday I knew who were the bloggers that were invited and I’m surprised. I will be joined by David Guison, Eileen Campo, Arriane Serafico and Saab Magalona, sadly she can’t made it to the event.

Subspace Coffee in Ortigas is where the event will take place. It’s actually a very cool and relaxing place (I’ll blog about it). I went here by myself because I don’t know anyone except Jonver who always contact me through e-mail.

I was warmly welcomed by the team behind Punch Drunk Panda and I’m glad that I went there to be the one of the few to be able to see their camera straps. I also had a good time with the fellow bloggers that I was with. It was an amazing day meeting all of them.

Here are some of the photos of the event. 

I had so much fun during the event even though I’m so quiet. Haha.

Again, PDP introduces their newest product which is a camera strap. These now are available online at www.punchdrunkpanda.com and at retailers Analog Soul (Trinoma) and Lapdance Bags (Trinoma). PdP items will also be available at the following bazaars: Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent (Nov. 5-6), Luxe Bazaar at Il Terrazo (Nov. 19), St. James Bazaar at Ayala Alabang Village (Nov. 26-30), and Port 88 Bazaar at Megatent (Dec. 11-12).

Punchdrunk Panda also specializes in applying graphic designs on unconventional canvases such as laptop and iPad sleeves, laptop skins, camera straps, and men’s and women’s footwear. But aside from designing functional apparel, the company also envisions the rise of the creative Filipino and is gearing towards organizing and sustaining a community of artists in the country. Learn more about PdP by logging on to www.punchdrunkpanda.com.

I’ll be giving away 5 PDP E-GCs just tweet why you like Punch Drunk Panda with a hashtag #PDPanda and mention @punchrunkink, and you have to like their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PunchdrunkPandaInc

Avail now of their products! 

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