an Alternative

Have you seen great subjects and wanted to shoot it but you forgot to bring your camera? No worries, you can always use an alternate material for shooting. 

Mobile photography nowadays is so common especially now wherein the app called “Instagram” was made. A lot of people now are taking more photos now using their mobile devices because of this app. I, myself, do not bring a dslr camera everyday because it’s too heavy and bulky that’s why I usually resort to my iPad in taking photos of great subjects. So I decided to add mobile photography on my Mini-Projects for this year.

Don’t be afraid to shoot using mobile cameras, as long as you have a good eye in taking photographs, it will work no matter what material  you have. Yes, you don’t need a super high-end camera to take amazing photos. Try to maximize the built-in camera in your mobile devices. Explore.


All of the photos posted here are on my instagram, follow me:

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