Last February 12 was the day that I won’t forget. It was the day where people with the same advocacy joined together to save what is considered to be one of the most precious things in Manila, the sunset view of Manila Bay.

I can definitely say that it was one of the most fulfilling events that I attended. I just supported their advocacy because I know how the Manila Bay’s sunset view is just beyond amazing. And as a photographer, this is one of the most photographed sights in Manila. 

'No to Reclamation'! Yes, this is the advocacy that me and a lot of people supported during this event. Imagine a resort/casino and buildings covering your view of the sunset. These buildings will rise soon and will only allow a certain class of people inside. I don't it's not right.

The event was definitely a successful one. It was attended by some social media personalities like Carlos Celdran, Juana Change, and many more. It was a fun day jamming by the bay. BTW, thank you to Mel of Youth Conservation Society for inviting me and our group. Thanks to Eunice, Niki, and Bryan for joining me in this event.

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