Life is Sweet with Bar Dolci

It was my first time to actually visit Bar Dolci. My first impression was that it’s a high-class restaurant. And yes, it is. But everything here is within your budget’s reach plus the quality of service is just the best. Every crew in the place were approachable and they cater to your every need. They serve pastas, and some Italian dishes. For desserts, you can always try their Gelatos and Macarons which are just heaven. Their Gelato drink also tasted great. With regards to the place, it’s so cozy and a perfect place to relax.

Bar Dolci creates authentic, Italian Gelato that aims to suit your sense for taste for desserts by combining both traditional and global-inspired flavors. They also offer an array of European-inspired sweets and savouries that will immediately transport you to a place somewhere in the middle of Europe. 

Bar Dolci focuses on natural flavors by producing goods daily in their kitchen rather than relying on premixed packages, pastes, and doughs. They are not limiting themselves in doing things the traditional way, they always try to experiment and come up with a delightful spin on the classic. 

Bar Dolci is located in the dynamic neighborhood of Burgos Circle and Forbeswood Heights in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

"After all, life is sweet ——- and Bar Dolci is here to remind you of that."

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