The Anatomy of a Typewriter

So I went to the office my dad and surprisingly, I found this beautiful typewriter. And the only thing I have with me was my Galaxy Note 2! Good thing that this phone can take pictures with good quality. 

So going back, the typewriter just amazes me especially when you look at it for a long time. It really reminds me how technology just quickly became advanced. I’m just happy that even though people own laptops, notebooks, etc., some still appreciate the beauty of this amazing thing. In the first place, the typewriter started it.

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Mobile Photography?

I’m just into mobile photography lately! Yes, it’s a different kind of photography if you are using mobile phones but it is still photography as long as art is evident on it. But don’t be disappointed guys, I’m always using my DSLR because of my photography class in CSB. I’ll share my photos to you some other time! I just hope you take time to appreciate mobile photography as well. :)

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