Daranak Falls: Exploring the Hidden World

A month ago, me and my classmates went to Daranak Falls in Rizal for our Black and White Photography Class. It was our 2nd off-campus trip to a falls. We kinda get used to this kind of sight, waterfalls, but Daranak is way bigger and visited more by the public than the 1st falls that we went to.

Wanna know more about Daranak Falls?

Daranak falls is a famous getaway for locals living in Metro Manila since the place is just in Tanay, Rizal, it also became a place visited by tourists. 

If you are wondering where did Daranak got its name, well there was a heresy that it came from the phrase “Dadanak ang dugo” which is translated as “the spilling blood”, which actually originated during the era of the Katipuneros. During the Japanese occupation, it is in Tanay, Rizal where they considered as one of the places in the Philippines the resistance stayed. But that’s just one of the stories of how the name Daranak was formed.

I’ll tell more about Daranak falls in the days/weeks to come. I’ll tour you around the place and the interesting stuff you’ll see when you visit this exquisite place.

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