Filed Photoshoot

Some of the shots that I did for Filed a few months ago for their Back-to-School Campaign. Definitely thankful for the opportunity to shoot for them. Hoping to shoot more campaigns with them. 

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Escolta Portraits

First of all, it’s been weeks since I last updated my blog. But here I am, back and ready to post new stuff on my blog! Thanks for sticking and thanks to those who recently followed me.

Anyways, did a random walk around the Chinatown area and Escolta earlier. Then I’m glad that I was able to shoot portraits of my friends Ryan, Jenna, and Austin earlier in Escolta. What’s not to love in Escolta?? Hope you love these portraits as well. 

Don’t Blame The Kids: The Print

I was able to shoot my friend BS who I asked to bring a product of Don’t Blame The Kids to wear for the shoot. This was just a funshoot though. Don’t Blame the Kids is basically a local clothing brand that mainly focuses on street/urban style of fashion. Did photo and video shoots for them in the past. 

Visit their Facebook page to view all of their products! And thanks BS!

Project Portraits: Lucky

I asked him: “Since your name is Lucky, did you experience a good luck today?

He wrote: “Yes! I forgot my condo key, but it turned out the door was unlocked.”