Project Portraits: Lucky

I asked him: “Since your name is Lucky, did you experience a good luck today?

He wrote: “Yes! I forgot my condo key, but it turned out the door was unlocked.”

Project Portraits: Ana

I asked her: "What do you love about the Philippines?"

She wrote: "The People"

Antonette: A Pre-Debut Photoshoot

Some of the photos that I did for my cousin’s pre-debut photoshoot! T’was a really fun day shooting at some of the familiar places in Quezon City. And it was a bit awkward for her to pose in front of her kuya but we got the flow after the initial shots.

So if you wanna inquire for a photoshoot, just message me here or send me an email at :)

Project Portraits: The Couple

I saw this old couple along the Baywalk area in Roxas Boulevard, Manila and I asked them: "What’s your message to each other?"

And both of them wrote: "Habang Buhay Mahalin" ("To love (him/her) forever")

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Project Portraits: Carlo

"What is your advice to college freshies?"

"Fight for your life! Fight for survival!"

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