Spaced: An Exhibit of Big Pictures

"Spaced is a photography exhibit of BIG pictures by artists who want to create a change in the way people view things. 

Today’s fast-paced world and technology driven generation makes it almost impossible for people not to experience things in a rush. Little is given to quality and detail. The more that is experienced, the less is appreciated. 

Spaced is our reminder to the world that we should take time to pause and reflect. 


By taking a few steps back and creating an entirely new perspective for ourselves.

By taking not just the subject of our focus but rather, including the surrounding elements and see how they interact and play with one another to create a more relevant, meaningful image.

By realizing that the big picture is only revealed when we choose to look beyond what we want to see.

Open your eyes. Free your mind.

Welcome to Spaced.”

The opening of the exhibit will be on April 11, 2014 from 6pm to 10pm.

The exhibit will run until April 16, 2014 (10am to 10pm) at the Wil Tower Mall! 

See you!