UST in its full Glory

Random snapshots taken during the Paskuhan 2012 event at the University of Santo Tomas. Great memories. Will never forget this day. Gotta love UST!

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UST Photowalk

It was a day worth remembering. A day where I just feel free. Yes, I recently finished my studies in UST with a degree of BS Management Accounting. It was a rough 4 and a half years but all of it was worth the wait. And in this set are shots of things that you see around the UST and were taken almost a month after my last days in UST.

This set also features the famous UST Christmas Tree when it was being constructed at the UST Grand Stand. 

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y University of Santo Tomas ‘73
Photo taken during the Freedom to Shoot Photowalk.

University of Santo Tomas ‘73


Photo taken during the Freedom to Shoot Photowalk.



"That transcendental magic is at the heart of Freelensing, a photographic process that begins with the removal of your lens.

Freelensers simply hold unattached lenses in front their camera’s exposed sensor, and delicately tilt it until focus emerges.

Hand-manipulating a lens will reinvent your focal plane, producing amazing macro and tilt-shift effects that were previously only possible with special glass.

And more importantly, it will reinvent your concept of the universe. Or at least, tilt it slightly.”


The Lucky One: Justin Tajon

So I’ve been doing these photoshoots recently featuring bloggers from Tumblr. This post features Justin Tajon who I’ve known for more or less 2 years. We first became close because of Pakyepamilya then now, JaywalkersPh. 

Justin is such a good friend and the tallest 14-year old I know. A bit mature for his age but I think it’s a good thing since he already know what is right and wrong.

Follow him guys: . Watch out for the short film that I’ve been doing featuring Justin. Soon. :)